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If you would like to find out how much your vehicle is worth as a trade in, have a quick and easy buying process to help you out. You can call us directly at 1 020-111-1111 to set a convenient time to pop in. We will sit down together and work out a fair valuation and you can sell us your vehicle! We have an exceptional selection of quality late model previously enjoyed vehicles if you want to use it as a trade in. That being said, there should be something of interest for you here at Humberview Wholesale. Even if not and you would still prefer to just sell us your vehicle, we are here to help out, either way. If our inventory can’t satisfy your needs you can still sell us your car!

Here at Humberview Wholesale, the main source of our business is the wholesale buying and selling of used and new cars and trucks to the majority of the dealers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario. We often need inventory to maintain a supply to our dealer network. As a service in Etobicoke, we maintain an outdoor showroom for public purchase.

*Certain conditions apply.  Call for details, fair market value determined by on-site inspection.

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